This Might Help

Get Writing:
One Word
– One-word writing prompts
Word of the Day – Looking for more one-word prompts? Use the word of the day at

Generate Something:
Emergency Compliment – Use in times of insecurity
Random Color Scheme Generator – Add some color!
Random Title Generator
– I think this would be great for chapter or scene titles as well as book titles.
The Fortune Generator
– Not just for cookies…
Seventh Sanctum
– So many random generators you just have to see it to believe it.
РA character quirk generator.  Simple and efficient.
Fake Name Generator – Creates more than just names.
Word Generator – Noun, verb, adjective, or even fake.

The Phobia List – Be afraid…
Behind the Name (first names)
Behind the Name (surnames)
British Surnames
Bad Movies – Phil Plait’s list of bad movies.

A Bit More Research:
US Occupational Employment Statistics – Wage estimates for over 800 occupations. Archived data goes back to 1999.


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