Books of Influence: From The Ashes

Like many, I first read To Kill A Mockingbird when I was in High School, and, like many, I did not enjoy the book. The story left so little impression on me that just a few months after reading it I would have been hard pressed to summarize the plot or even name any of the characters. So why would I include the title on a list of books that influenced me?

When my son was about 11 he picked a couple classics to read, and one of his choices was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Naturally, I had to reread it, and that’s when I discovered how much I liked the book. During High School I had to read so many depressing books that they all blended together and none of them stood out. This is a shame because I’m sure there were plenty of other books that I glossed over for the sake of getting the work done instead of reading them for the story.

So, To Kill a Mockingbird is on the list of ten books that influenced me because it is one of my son’s favorite books. Rereading the book to discuss it with him led me to discover it is also one of my favorites.

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