NaNoWriMo2012: The Summary

Here it is the end of November, and I don’t have a 50,000 word novel to taunt everyone with. I started strong with high hopes and then stalled. I did not despair*. I kept writing, although not every day and the word count fast became anemic. Then I had a revelation. The cure for my writer’s block turned out to be the speech recognition software that came installed on my computer. There is nothing like talking to inanimate objects to jump start my creative enthusiasm. Yet this revelation came too late in the month to get me to the goal.

Still, this year is a success in other ways. My son was absolutely delighted with how the computer interpreted my dictation when I tried to speed things along, so it was entertaining. I was able to take several failed plots and combine them into a half way decent story line, so I think I may finish Mumbled Inconsistencies at some later date. Most importantly, I found an excuse to talk to another inanimate object.**


**Did I just say ‘another’ out loud?

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